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Dear Entrepreneur: 7 FAQs Business Owners Ask

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Successful entrepreneurs are a special breed. They are innovators, they are tenacious and they are critical thinkers, profering solutions to problems. The best of these business leaders understand how to drive sales, lead their teams and orchestrate growth. Perhaps not surprisingly, many entrepreneurs share common traits that position them well for both business and personal success.

On this month's section of Dear Entrepreneur, we are here to answer 10 questions frequently asked by entrepreneurs on the road to business growth.

Although, the Frequently Asked Questions by entrepreneurs can vary depending on many factors such as industry, business type, and personal circumstances, however, some of the most common questions and that entrepreneurs ask and answers to them are:

1. How do I start a business?

Starting a business involves several steps such as determining the business idea, creating a business plan, registering the business, and obtaining funding. It is important to research and seek guidance from professionals to ensure a solid start.

2. How do I protect my business idea?

Protecting a business idea can involve measures such as applying for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Additionally, it is important to keep business information confidential and establish non-disclosure agreements with employees and partners.

3. Do I need a business plan?

It’s useful to come up with a business plan to think through what you want to do for the development of the product or service, marketing, financial projections and more. Then get input from trusted business/finance advisors. But don’t go overboard with a 100-page business plan. In reality, many start-ups businesses have had to deviate from their original plan, so take note that there's room for change.

4. How do I attract customers?

Attracting customers involves creating a compelling value proposition, understanding customer needs, and actively engaging with potential customers through marketing and networking efforts.

5. How do I manage finances?

Managing finances involves developing a budget, keeping accurate records, and tracking expenses and revenue. It is important to seek professional guidance from accountants and financial advisors.

6. How do I handle competition?

Handling competition involves different strategies such as staying informed about competition, highlighting unique selling points, and adapting and innovating constantly.

7. What are the biggest challenges to starting a business?

There are a lot of challenges that may arise as you start and even continue your business, and we've listed a few, but they are not limited to these only. They are:

  • Shortage of capital and cash flow;

  • Having a good business plan;

  • Coming up with a great product or service;

  • Consistently sticking to your product/service;

  • Wearing numerous hats as a business owner;

  • Getting through the frustrations of being constantly rejected by customers;

  • Hiring good employees;

  • Knowing when to fire bad employees.

The most  important thing to do, dear EBH Tribers, is to research, seek professional help, and stay informed to answer the specific questions that arise as one embarks on an entrepreneurial journey.

One way to start, is to read further on these questions that may arise as you grow as an entrepreneur, and you can do that here

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