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The Coca-Cola Story: What Is Your Brand Promising?

Have you seen a Coca-Cola ad recently? 

What do you see, a company running you through its production process or one inspiring moment of optimism and togetherness?

Instead of mentioning soft drinks, Coca-Cola aims to promote a mindset as its brand promises – it promises a lifestyle that is much more to you than just a soft drink. It will not only refresh your palate, but mind, body and spirit. It will not only inspire a sugar-high, but an optimism that will make a difference in the world. They encourage their workforce to be the brand – to inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun.

What makes your brand special?

Your brand's promise is a description of the business' character. To some extent, it’s how your brand does what it does. Also, it’s the feeling it conveys to its stakeholders.

A brand is a promise, and the brands that are successful add value by delivering on those promises at all times. A strong brand promise is based on an understanding of people's values, interests, strengths and personal qualities and using them to distinguish itself from its competition.

Or, showing customers what makes your brand special. This isn’t a description about what the business can do or provide for a customer, but rather what they promise to be for their customers.

Most times, customer loyalty isn't built based on how your product or service is made, it is built on what your brand promises them. 

Build your brand communication around what that brand offers beyond your products.

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