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Business & Brunch: Why We Love Being A Part Of The Tribe

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

On the 19th of February, EBH Africa had her first ever BUSINESS & BRUNCH event which brought together over 20 entrepreneurs in Lagos state to network, discuss, collaborate and have a good time.

There were unforgettable bonds made and many moments to remember – the 2023 edition of Business & Brunch was truly a dream come true!

Organized to mark our 3rd anniversary, founder and CEO, EBH Africa, Freda Anyanwu described Business & Brunch as "the event of the year", and from the curation of activities to guest arrival to networking and business conversations to the food and drinks, this event didn't fall short of expectations.

Business & Brunch held at The Grid Lagos, and we had Priceless PA Events curate and plan the event from start to finish. 

Emirate Depict Fotohood did justice to creating lasting memories in media form, the pictures and videos left everyone in awe.

We won't say too much, let the photos do the talking now....

Check out this clip from our event on Instagram:

Wondering where the next event would hold?

Well, keep your fingers crossed, it might just be in your city.

Follow us closely and get all the juicy information first hand.


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